Rater8 and Exscribe Present

How To Convert Online Visitors Into Patients

Looking to expand your patient base? Beyond referrals, most patients will find an orthopedic surgeon by searching online first. Don't miss out on patients just because search engines can't find your site; a well-constructed website is key to helping them find you. rater8 and Exscribe have teamed up to bring you a comprehensive guide to optimizing your practice website. 

Learn how to build trust online, showcase your physicians' authority and accomplishments in the field, and convince potential patients that they should be choosing you over the competition. Each step of the guide will get your website closer to what digitally-savvy patients have come to know and expect from a well-respected business.  


  • How to make your site more attractive to search engines
  • What patients want and need to see to choose your practice
  • How to measure your success

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